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Whether you have been working with Information and Communication Technology for 30 years or 30 minutes, the one qualification that should not be overlooked is SVQ’s latest vocational qualification for ICT Professionals. Sixth Sense Training, along with many other industry leaders, believe that it is critical that ICT skills are continually kept fresh and modern. 

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SQA Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

Our ICT Professional course focuses on customer care, system operation and management, as well as specialising in various hardware. Qualification units include:

  • Procedural programming
  • Networking principles
  • IT fault diagnosis.
This course will enabling you to build websites from scratch, understand system architecture and most of all make you an expert qualified technician.

For a full list of units, download the qualification structure:

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Government Funded

Sixth Sense Training are funded by Skills Development Scotland & the EU Social Fund to deliver this qualification to staff under 30. 

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Industry Recognised

Modern Apprenticeships are recognised by employers throughout the country. Employees develop real world vocational attributes that benefit both them and their employer.

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Skills for the Future

Diploma for ICT Professional support is a qualification designed by the SQA to maximise your employees knowledge of the latest in office technology. With one on one support and our custom e-learning platform, your employee will gain the skills to effectively grow your business online.

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